Andrew Miller
Herbarium Director

Dr. Miller’s primary research interests focus on the systematics and biodiversity of a broad range of fungi, but is  particularly interested in the evolution of wood-inhabiting ascomycetes. Currently, he is involved in research projects on the systematics of several groups in the Sordariomycetes, the biodiversity of aquatic ascomycetes along an altitudinal gradient in Peru, and a large-scale inventory of the microbial communities of caves and mines in Illinois.


Jamie Minnaert-Grote
Collections Manager

Jamie started as the Collections Manager August 2014. In July 2018, she also become the Collections Manager of the University of Illinois Plant Biology Herbarium collection. She received a masters degree in biology from Northern Iowa where she studied plant systematics.


Rick Phillippe

Rick retired in 2014, but has continued working as curator in the collection.


Christine Cline
Curatorial Assistant

Christine started as a volunteer helping to put away plant specimens. When the previous Curatorial Assistant retired in July 2015, Christine took over the position. Her job duties include mounting the vascular plants and helping to organize and put away plant specimens.