Thank You Volunteers!

There is never a shortage of projects or tasks that need to be done when working in a herbarium. I’ve said many times that if we never received another new specimen, I’d still be busy for at least the next 5 years and this will probably still be true in years to follow.

Dr. Crane and I have been working overtime to get the ILL bryophytes curated and we’ve used thousands of packets in doing so. This left us in a bind: do we take time out of our busy schedules to fold packets or just hope that his student can fold enough for us to continue at the same pace. Dr. Miller came to the rescue with an idea, why not invite volunteers to fold packets for us. Thus our first packet folding party was created. Friday, January 4th, volunteers came and helped us fold 21 boxes of packets while watching movies. We had plenty of snacks and pizza was purchased by the Plant Biology Department. It was a fun way to spend a workday and we got a lot accomplished. Thank you to the volunteers and INHS employees who took some time out of their day to help us out. We appreciate you!